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Daily Archives: December 5, 2010

>A New Blog For The Second Roll – Finishing School Frenzy – And Two Santas Earning A Spanking


A new blog for the rolls

Discipline Her – This is the blog of Tiffany Scarlet, a young spankee who posts a nice mixture of images and written material.

Finished off

I have not had much chance to get around the other blogs much this week, until yesterday but when I did I was fascinated by the number and quality of posts written about a Scottish finishing school run by Lucy McLean and Amy Hunter. These posts are well worth reading and coming from so many different sources, weave an intriguing tale of the events that occurred, so I thought that I would link to the posts, that I know of, in this post.

Leia Ann-Woods tells her story HERE, HERE and HERE.

Pandora Blake spills the beans HERE and HERE.

Amy Hunter adds the voice of authority HERE and HERE.

Haron/Adele Haze throws in her 2 penneth HERE.

And there are further adventures, from two blogs that I am not too familiar with HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.

Two Santas earning a spanking

I have seen this pair around on YouTube a fair bit but together they both manage to earn two Santas a stern Christmas spanking.