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Daily Archives: December 6, 2010

>Computer Problem


My computer has decided to start playing silly buggers.
It works for a few minutes and then flashes up a blue screen with writing on it, that disappears too fast to read and then shuts down.

I cannot post properly until I sort this out.

Sorry for the disruption to normal service and I will be back as soon as things are working properly again


>An Alternative Sinterklaas spanking


The traditional Sinterklaas (Sint Nicolaas) and Zwarte Piet

It is the 6th of December and the dynamic duo above will be seen across Flanders and The Netherlands distributing Sweets (Candy) and presents to all the good boys and girls and seasonal whuppings to all the rest of us.

But there is an alternative

The pair above are ZwarteKlaas and Witte Piet and you may notice that Witte Piet is a girl……..with a birch…………. 🙂

Dear ZwarteKlaas,
I have been extremely naughty this year, can you please dispatch Witte Piet and her birch rod, to give me the thrashing that I have so truly earned.

Yours, Prefectdt

And some of the Zwarte Piets have been rebelling recently

Happy SinterKlaas Day