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Daily Archives: December 18, 2010

>Christmas Hiatus – A New Blog – Londen Tanners Back – And Fairy Light Bondage


Today’s Christmas song
Walking In A Winter Wonderland

Christmas Hiatus

This is my last real post until after Christmas as I am off to the UK tomorrow (weather allowing) I will not be able to view this or any other blogs whilst I am away, so please don’t get annoyed if I do not answer any comments or anything like that. I have had all my spare minutes robbed from me today by my bank who decided that just before Christmas was a great time to make major changes to my accounts and so the Roundup is a bit bare bones today. I should be back and posting on the 30th of December but until then I have a hodge podge of hiatus posts in the scheduled post list. I hope that you all have a warm, safe and above all happy Christmas.

New blog for the second list

Not My Original Vows – A blog from Katia, why not check it out and find out what it is about.

The London Tanner is back

Notes from the workshop, is the link to the stand in website until they have a new site up and running. They are now working from the UK. Thanks to Her Paddle for the heads up on that one.

A little light bondage

A nice seasonal way to get kinky is with fairy light bondage. I saved these images from previous years. They are of Pandora Blake and Amy Hunter.