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>Emergency Post


I should have been back in Belgium by now so if you are seeing this post I am probably buried in snow on some road somewhere. Normal posting will resume as soon as I get back home.
Thank you for your patience


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  1. >How clever of you to prepare an emergency post. I have been thinking of you and wondering if you are stranded in some airport. Hurry back safely!Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Like Hermione I have been wondering if you have been enjoying all the white stuff we Canadians sent over to Europe this Christmas season… seemed like an appropriate gift … (cheeky grin)I will keep my fingers crossed that you manage to find your way home safe and sound…….. keep your feet warm and drymorningstar

  3. >Back in Belgium? Home? Why did I have the idea that you live in the UK now? Well, wherever you are, and wherever you are aiming to be, safe journey, and a Happy New Year, my friend! xxx

  4. >Glad to hear your OK Prefectdt, was wondering if you were snowed in.Safe journey home.Love,Ronniexx

  5. >A very happy new year to you and I hope you are safely where ever you want to be and that you are warm with a drink of something wonderful,Poppyxx

  6. >Prefectdt, I hope everything is okay? Your emergency post is up for more than 48 hours by now without any sign from you. Could you please write at least one line once you are back to let us know that you are okay? I wish you a happy 2011!P.S. Sorry for sounding like a mum… 😉

  7. >Hermione – It is nice to be able to put an emergency post in when traveling is involved. So much can change your plans.Morningstar – We had plenty of snow over Christmas but it is all cleared away, at the moment.Daisychain – I am English but live in Flanders, Belgium now. Happy New Year to you too.Ronnie – Cheers, the traveling is done now.Poppy – Happy New Year and I hope that you have a nice drop or two at the ready as well.Kaelah – Back now and it is nice to know that you care :)Prefectdt


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