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>A Tudor Birching


Birching in the 14th Century

Over the Holiday period I purchased a copy of the BBC History Magazine and was delighted to find an article on 14th Century schools. The article contained this image, which is new to me, showing a seated teacher holding a birch and his assistant already administering correction to one pupil. I thought that you readers might enjoy this piece of the past.


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  1. >Happy New Year ! .. MarQe

  2. >Yes, many a naughty damsel, found her bare bottom warmed, by the master of the house, in Tudor Times. Sometimes the naughty female had to cut her own birch branch twigs, then bind them, and hand it to the master, before their costumes, were upturned, and their bloomers taken down, so their master could wallop their bare bottoms painfully warm.

  3. >Same back at ya MarQe.I believe that the Willow switch was also a common implement During this period Six'Prefectdt

  4. >Happy New Year Prefectdt. Glad your back.Sorry to hear about your dog. Hope he's on the mend.Love,Ronniexx

  5. >I have to admit that I was a bit stunned when I saw the picture in your post. Because I'm quite sure that this is exactly the picture that caught my eye in one of my history books at school. Maybe I'm wrong and it was a different picture, but at least it was very similar to this one. I remember that the spanking scene caused a strange feeling in my stomach and I looked at the picture more than once. I didn't know anything about the concept of erotic spanking and kink at that time, I just knew that I was somehow fascinated by the scene in a positive way, even though the picture showed something that I would have found horrible in real life. Well, today I know that that's the important difference between reality and kinky play… Anyway, it was a very nice surprise to see that picture again! Thanks for sharing, Prefectdt! 🙂

  6. >Ronnie – I'm not long back from the Vet, where the dog was X rayed. He has a herniated disc in his back and has had cortisone and some other medication and does seem to be walking a little better.Kaelah – Nice to hear that someone has seen this illustration before, it was totally new to me. I think that it would have grabbed my attention as well, if I had seen it in my younger days.Prefectdt

  7. >School birchings were severe in Tudor times. Note the size and weight of the birches. They are quite savage instruments. Note also the very exposed bending position of the boy being flogged – kneeling with his knees widely parted and bent at 45 degrees at the hips. Birching in the manner shown in the illustration would leave the boy's buttocks and upper thighs a raw mass of wealed and bloodied flesh, with the effects often extending into the anal-perineal sphere.

  8. >Very technical but well observed comment Anon'.Prefectdt


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