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>Moving a blog – Awards – Farewell Crimson Moon – A New Web Series – And Bedroom Handcuffs


Welcome to the first Roundup of 2011. This post marks this blog getting back to it’s normal posting schedule. I hope that you all find this useful.

Moving a blog

Chelsea’s Journal has not been updated for six months now but this is not unusual for this blog. Instead of removing it, it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs list, near the bottom of the side bar.

Spanking Spot awards

The annual awards have started to be dished out at The Spanking Spot, you can see the one for best facial expression in this post Announcing the 2010 winner for the Best Facial Expression During a Spanking.

Goodbye Crimson Moon

announced on All Things Spanking in this post A Major Announcement From Crimson Moon, is that this well known Chicago based spanking and party group is winding up their operations due to many key members moving away from the area.

A kinky web drama

Adele Haze announced that a new web drama will shortly be available in this post “Whiplash”: upcoming web series. You can go directly to the website from this link The Series.

Keep handcuffs handy in the bedroom

All kinky couples know that you should always have handcuffs ready for use at a moments notice, in the bedroom. Here is one good reason why.


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  1. >Too bad about Crimson Moon. Dr. Ken will be disappointed.I like the medal for the spanking awards. Are they announced one at a time? I was wondering about Spanking Blogger of the Year.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Yes Hermione, it is a shame that an organization with such a high profile is shutting up shop.If Brushtrokes does it the same that he did last year, then the awards will be announced one at a time.Prefectdt

  3. >Prefectdt,Thanks for spreading the word about Crimson Moon. However, I would like to clarify one point on their behalf. Operations in Chicago will be ceasing as no principal planner/administrator will be in that city when Mike moves to Dallas. To a great extent, Yoni and Tasha have been coordinating things from New York, and they will continue to do so in 2011. ALL PLANNED 2011 PARTIES WILL BE HELD IN CHICAGO AS SCHEDULED. Once Mike is situated in Dallas, he and Tubaman (from the Dallas-based Bottoms Up Group and the Texas All State Spanking Party) will discuss a joint relationship between the Dallas incarnation of Crimson Moon and Texas All State. Tubaman and Mike will post something in the near future to begin talking about this new relationship.

  4. >Thanks for the info Mitch.Prefectdt


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