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>Moving A Blog – Blog Renovation – A New Spankling Website – And A Man Who Should Be Spanked


Moving a blog

Caroline Grey – Getting It has not been posted on for some months but I am hoping that we have not seen the last of this blogger. So instead of removing this blog altogether, it is being moved to the dormant blogs list (near the bottom of the side bar on the right).

Blog undergoing renovation work

The Cherry Red Report is having some major changes made to it. Let us hope that Dave has things the way that he wants them soon.

A new spanking website

Several bloggers have made reports on a new site called AAA Spanking. You can read three of these from the following links.

Leia’s New Musings!: NEW SPANKING WEBSITE!!!

Spanked, not Silenced: Pyjama punishments at Triple A Spanking

A GREAT NEW SITE « girls pyjama spanking

A man who needs a damn good thrashing

I am not sure what was going through the mind of this idiot, when he decided to pull this stunt but every woman on that train should be armed with their implement of choice and given free range on his hide.


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