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>Welcome Back Two Blogs – A Spanko Film In The Making – And On Stage Spanking


Welcome back Green Rootsdown

Green Rootsdown – I thought that this blog would never be seen again but joy of joys, it is back with a vengeance. Welcome back Greenwoman, missed you loads. This blog will be added to the second roll.

Welcome back Caroline Grey

Caroline Grey – Getting It – was only just put on the dormant blogs list last week but a posting was made during the week and so it can go back on the second roll.

Euphoric Tendencies, the film

Tasha Lee of Bumwrap productions created a stage play some time ago about spanking and BDSM. Now she is, hopefully, going to make this into a film. She has a distributor already and there are investment opportunities for anyone interested. There is a web page about this that you can get to through THIS LINK or you can read other peoples posts about this through the following links.

Spanking in the Movies: News from Tasha Lee / The Cherry Red Report

» Spanking on the big screen? / All Things Spanking

Euphoric Tendencies | Spanking Sarah Gregory

A Clip of the stage play

This clip contains scenes from the stage production of Euphoric tendencies. I wish that I had had a chance to go and see this.


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  1. >Hi Prefectdt,Very nice find! I didn't realize that Greenwoman and Caroline had returned.Thank you!Bonnie

  2. >I only noticed this week myself Bonnie. Thanks for stopping by.Prefectdt

  3. >Aw…! I'm touched to make a mention. Thank you very much Prefectdt. It is very good to be back. Blessings!

  4. >Lovely to see you back Shannee and (although it took me a while) it is nice to remember how to spell your name :)Prefectdt

  5. >Pref, thanks, I didn't realise Greenwomen was back, thanks for letting us know.Love,Ronniexx

  6. >No problem Ronnie.Prefectdt


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