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>New Magazine – New Book – New Blog – And Some Canadian Police Earn A Spanking


A new spanking magazine

As reported in these two links Leia’s New Musings!: New spanking magazine and Get Spanked – new UK spank mag out now. ~ YEOWCH Spanking Blog 2011, There is a brand spanking new (pun intended) spanking magazine available from the UK. If it is available world wide or not, I do not know but you can check out the mag’s own website to find out through this link Get Spanked Magazine.

A new book from Devlin O’ Niell

Devlin O’ Neill has a new book in the pipe line called Dream walkers (working title). You can check out an excerpt from this new work from this link A Bit From The New Book.

A new blog from Fred Blogs (Just My Random Perverted Thoughts)

Just My Random Perverted Thoughts author, who will soon be closing down his current blog, is starting a new blog called “Sexsential”. Although I have nothing against this type of pornographically based blog it is not my kind of thing but it may be worth your while checking it out to see if it is your kind of thing. You can find some details about the new blog in this post Just My Random Perverted Thoughts » Blog Archive » I am a pornographer and the blog itself in this post Sexsential.

Some coppers earn a spanking

In the deep frozen waists of Canada conducting a high speed car chase can be somewhat of a challenge. In this case the phrase “Get out and walk” takes on a whole new meaning.


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  1. >Oh, that's too funny! Both cars stuck in the snow.Welcome to my life! Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Thank you so much for the link to Dev's book! He will be thrilled. He is out all day (booooooring) but I will let him know.Poppyxxx

  3. >Rear wheel drive is not much good in the snow Hermione. I hope that you have front wheel or 4X4.It is good to see Mr O' Neill continuing his creativity Poppy.Prefectdt

  4. >Thanks very much, Prefect! Now I expect I'll have to go and actually finish the book. 😉

  5. >Is that the sound of a hot typewriter that I hear from across the pond? If it is may I point out that it is easier to use a computer to write with :)Prefectdt


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