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>A Goodbyeeee And Helloeeee – A New Blog – A Book – And People Strip To Protest In Flanders


Goodbyeeee Respect For Mistress

Apparently this blog was accidentally deleted by it’s owner, so this is not a very sad Goodbyeeee as we can now say Helloeeee to
Respecting Mistress – The replacement blog of a male submissive in a Female Led Relationship who, if there is any justice in the world, should have been spanked for his mistake 🙂

And another blog for the second roll

The Confessions of a Spanked Princess – The blog of Kelly, a student and traveler who enjoys getting her pretty buns busted.

Kink In The City
A New Book

Thanks to Dave of Cherry Red Report, who told us in this post Kink and the City about a new book of that title. The book is an autobiographical account of a Kinky Englishman in New York City. It is available from Amazon here Kink And The City or here Kink and The City;

Strip protests and sex strikes in Belgium

Belgium has just taken a world record away from Iran (Yea! go Belgium!) for taking the longest time to form a government after a democratic election. At the moment we have an interim body, generally described as “Belgian government lite”. Several protests have been going on around the country, including beard growing and suggested sex strikes but some guys and Gals in Gent (East Flanders) decided the best form of protest was to strip off (rather them than me, in this weather). Watch this clip for details.


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  1. >Respecting Mistress is back.When you delete a blog, you have a few weeks to change your mind and bring it back. Perhaps that's what happened here.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Hi Hermione, "Respecting Mistress" is a new blog from the same guy who used to write "Respect For Mistress", which is gone. I got the info in the comment box of Burl Apsack's post "The Undertaking". It is basically the same blog, it has just been started over.Prefectdt

  3. >Sorry, I got confused there. Speedreading is always my downfall.

  4. >I find that I often miss the meaning of things when I speed read, as well Hermione. Still it is a useful skill to have sometimes.Prefectdt

  5. >:-) Kink in the City is definitely on my summer reading list…… :-))

  6. >I'll be looking out for a copy myself Dave :)Prefectdt


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