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>Moving Two Blogs – Two Blogs Return – A Meeting Site – And A Wii Monkey Spanking


Moving two blogs

Monkey Twizzle has not posted in some time but I have never really considered this to be a blog and it is rich with interesting images and so it is being moved to the Spanking and Kinky Resource Sites list.

Radha Sutra has not been posted on for some time but this blog can go long periods between being updates and it does not seem appropriate to give it a Goodbyeeee yet. It is being moved to the Dormant Blogs list.

Two blogs return to posting

The Woody Back to School Unit and Ma’am Yes Ma’am did not stop posting for long periods but for different reasons both blogs had to take a break but they are both back up and posting now.

Bottom Seek

My apologies to Bethie of Spanking Bethie, who posted about this some time ago but I failed to notice (my bad). Bethie has put together a web site for Male and Female Tops who wish to meet male bottoms. You can see the site through this link BottomSeek – the matchmaking site for male spankees. Thanks to Spanking Blog who posted about this in this post Spanking Personals For Male Spankees – Spanking Blog. This site will be added to the Useful sites list.

A Wii Monkey spanking

It was very amusing this week to see two blog posts about spanking related clips involving the Wii game machine. You can view these clips through these links Wii Spanking. ~ YEOWCH Spanking Blog 2011 and American Spanking Society » Blog Archive » Wii Spanking Game. As the Roundup “funny end” does not have to be specifically about spanking, I can post another clip of a Wii game here, although it does involve a sort of spanking 😉


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  1. >Thanks SH … it's good to be back … Bottoms Up! … RH

  2. >Hope that your medical problems are under control now. It's nice to see the new term starting at Woody's :)Prefectdt


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