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>The Sunday Swishing, On A Saturday


My apologies to those looking for the Blog Stuff Roundup but I am just too busy to put it together today. Hopefully it will be on the blog tomorrow.

The Sunday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.

This weeks swishing is a nice piece of F/m artwork that was posted at Accountomax’s House.

She gets him with OTK


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  1. >The picture (by Barb) perfectly illustrates the 'treat' I get from N. each time she comes home from a business trip.

  2. >Your a lucky man Anon :)Prefectdt

  3. >He is indeed a lucky man -especially since, between my business trips, I make a point of applying the paddle, the rattan cane, and (mostly) the martinet where it will do him the most good! But I can't wait for the Spring to arrive so that we can hike into the woods and I can cut myself a nice sturdy switch to whip his bare backside in the open air!N.

  4. >With spring coming and the sap rising may I inform you that Salix (Willow) is particularly flexible and whippy at this time of year N ;)Prefectdt

  5. >Young maple or hickory shoots have long been my favorites, but I will keep your suggestion in mind…N.

  6. >Meanwhile -and until the weather improves- N. has been using the martinet (the one she selected in a dry goods in Grenoble just before we got married, and which I had to pay for after she had made it clear to the saleslady how she planned to use it!) Alternatively, N. likes to use the sturdy paddle (formerly use by washerwomen) which she discovered three years ago on an open-air flea market in the Pyrenees… Both (as well as her other 'tools') are terribly effective!…L.

  7. >I am off to London again tomorrow night, but before I leave, I will use my paddle to make sure his bottom smarts until I come back and give him a "refreshment"! Weather permitting, we will take a hike in the woods on April 1, and L. will get his first outdoors birching!…N.

  8. >I drove N. to the airport this afternoon after she had paddled and whipped my backside with such gusto that I will undoubtedly remember it (and her) until she gets back -and delivers one of her "coming home" spankings! And then, there will be that outdoors session she has promised me -weather permitting!L.


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