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>Goodbyeeee Two Blogs – A New Blog – A New Website – And A Belated Happy St. David’s Day


Goodbyeeee Just My Random Perverted Thoughts and Spanking Pixie’s Picture Archive

Goodbyeeee Just My Random Perverted Thoughts – This is a very sad Goodbyeeee for me as Fred Bloggs, who ran this blog, always seemed to be around, since I started this blog, although going through several blog formats. He even took part in Kinky Island Discs. Who knows, perhaps Fred will come back to the spank blogging world one day. Fred is still running two non spanking blogs Sexsential and Half Nekkid Thursday. Farewell Fred and thanks for all the help and fun over the years.

Goodbyeeee Spanking Pixie’s Picture Archive – I suppose with all of life’s pressures and some bouts of ill health lately, Ms Wells has not had the time to keep this blog running. You can still check out her main blog, Spanking Pixie, which is still very active.

A new blog for the rolls – This is the blog of Audrey Knight, who is in the process of setting up her own website. This blog has some amazing clips and anecdotes from and about the adventures of Ms. Knight and friends.

A new site for the useful resources list

Spanking Implement Research! – This is a strange site but has lots of interesting stuff on it and so it is being added to the Spanking and Kinky Resource Sites list.

Happy St. David’s Day
and a clip of one of Wales’ funniest

Tuesday was Saint David’s day, the national day of Wales. To celebrate I thought that I would post a clip of one of the funniest comedians to come from Wales.

Rob Brydon and his attitude to childbirth


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