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>Memory Drug Might Help Spankos


Before I start this post lets have credit (and links) where credit is due. The information and inspiration for this post came from Sxephil’s News Vlog and the image was found at Clare Fonda Spanking.

Could a new memory drug help spankos?

Apparently someone has invented a drug that helps people retain long term memory, most of us can read about it through this link A drug that can make your old memories like new and Leia-Ann Woods can read about it through this link Protein kinase M zeta/Protein kinase C zeta. To put it in terms relevant to the spanko world, if you show a spanko……..

This image

With the help of the drug, twenty years later they will remember it as this

But without the drug in ten years all they will remember is this

And twenty years later this

In conclusion I would like to ask, what was this post about again? I forget 🙂


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  1. >I forgot what I was going to say. Thanks for the smile Prefectdt.Love,Ronniexx

  2. >I think that I will have to get some of those pills myself RRRR…. What was your name again?Prefectdt


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