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>Goodbyeeee Two Blogs – A New Blog – A Blog Returns – Dev’s New Book – And People Doing The Right Thing


Goodbyeeee Not Quite What I Had In Mind and Venting House 7

Not Quite What I Had In Mind was a blog from a guy who liked to be on the receiving end in F/m play. The blog is open to invited readers only now and so is being removed from the rolls. Thanks for the blog and good luck with other endeavors.

Venting House Seven is a blog that I had not visited for a while, on the non spanking/BDSM roll. Apparently it has shut up shop to new rants and raves and is being removed from the rolls. Goodbyeeee and thanks for the chance to have a little rant and rave.

A new blog for the rolls

Punished Brats Blog – This is a promo blog written by David Pierson for the Punished Brats website. It is going on the second roll.

A blog returns

Radha Sutra – This blog has started posted again and so is being moved from the dormant blogs list back onto the second roll

Yeowch blog is on the move

YEOWCH Spanking Blog 2011 has announced a move to another domain. It has not moved yet but when it does it can be reached through this link Yeowch 2 Spanking Blog 2011. The new address is

Devlin O’ Neill’s book launch announced

Devlin O’ Neill has announced the e-publishing of his new book “Spanked In Her Dreams”, a sci-fi spanking novel. It will probably be available on Kindle and Lulu from the 17th of March. More details can be seen in this post Erica and Devlin – Together Again.

Doing the right thing with counter protesting

My thoughts are with the victims of the Japan Earthquake, those fighting for their democratic rights in Libya and the protesters in Ivory coast. But with so many bad situations going on in the World it is good to see how a well organized, peaceful counter protest in the USA has put right something that was very wrong.


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  1. >I'm going to miss Recidavist. I really loved reading his blog. HE had a wonderful way with words, and so did K.Hugs,Hermione

  2. >Thanks for keeping us updated Prefectdt. Happy to dee Radha back, I'll pop over and say hello.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >Hermione – I have to admit that I had lost track of this blog in the last couple of weeks. I believe that this was the second blog from this couple, perhaps they will be back in the future.Ronnie – I was glad to see Radha back as well.Prefectdt


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