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>Men Used To Have Spiky Penises


Until evolution stepped in

This was a bit of a revelation that I found out about through this BBC article BBC News – How man lost his penile spines (If regular readers haven’t noticed, I been having one of those “Weird things interest me” type of weeks). It is explored a bit more in depth in this link How the penis lost its spikes : Nature News. It did get me thinking what the male anatomy might have looked like if the evolutionary process had taken a different root and let the spikes stay.

Perhaps something like this

On the other hand, it might be just as well that a more smoother appearance developed. Otherwise it would be nearly impossible for a guy to get a blow job.


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  1. >Just one of those images that doesn't bear thinking about. Would you use an inner tube type of material for a condom?Hugs,Hermione

  2. >LOL Prefectdt.I hope you carry on with your Weird thing posts, enjoying them.Love,Ronniexx

  3. >Wordsmith – Thanks. Ive checked out your blog a couple of times it looks interesting.Hermione – Perhaps actual radial tire rubber :)Ronnie – It will happen again when the mood takes me.Prefectdt


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