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>The Monday Blues Busting Blistered Butt – A Hiatus Post


This is a scheduled hiatus post, for details read the information in THIS POST



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  1. >Ouch. No, OUCH. That is all I can come up with at this stage. It really, really looks…OUCH.Raven

  2. >It looks like she got quite a whooping Raven.Prefectdt

  3. >This is the aftermath of a caning scene Kaelah and I did at a video shoot for Pandora Blake's upcoming site. Kaelah wanted to do a severe scene, it was one of the two most severe canings we have ever done. We never play this hard in private play, only when it is being immortalised on film.

  4. >@ Raven:No need to worry! 🙂 As Ludwig already said, we usually don't play that hard. But this was a very special scene, something I really longed to do. The caning was severe, but it was embedded in a wonderful consensual and empowering scenario. And of course we took a lot of safety measures, I was given all the time and breaks I needed and the caning was administered by my mate Ludwig who is incredibly safe and accurate with the cane. A new picture on our blog shows that thanks to good aftercare the marks are nearly gone only two weeks after the scene. I haven't written a post about the shoot and the scene, yet, but I will write a full report soon.@ Prefectdt: Thanks for having chosen the picture and I wish you a wonderful hiatus. I hope that you'll find time to recharge your batteries!

  5. >Ludwig – That sounds like it will be a very interesting scene to see.I hope that you both got a feeling of satisfaction from making it.Kaelah – Thanks. It is a very nice image, I wish that I could have marks like that the day after.Prefectd

  6. >@ Prefectdt:That's funny, I would be glad if I marked more heavily during or directy after the spanking, but healed more easily. Because my marks directly after a spanking usually are only red and not very dark and it looks like the spanking wasn't so hard. Ludwig gets marks which are much darker (but heal faster than mine) and most of the girls for example at Mood Pictures get stronger marks as well. I think it has to do with the skin colour and the fact that my bottom is a bit rounder than that of most men and the average Mood Pictures girl. It's a bit sad when you take a very painful spanking on camera and know that some of the viewers might think: Oh, it can't have been that bad, the marks aren't so strong…

  7. >I have noticed that blond people tend to mark less at the time of a spanking Kaelah. I am (or at least was) dark headed but some prescription drugs, that I take, make my marks disappear very fast as well.Prefectdt


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