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A Try Before You Buy Belting – And Some More Blogs Transferred To The Roll

I wish more belt sellers would let you do this


I think that these people are vanillas but I am not sure, she seems to know how to handle that belt quite well. Anyway these consumers are right, it is better to make sure that your potential purchase does what you want it to before you get your wallet out.


Adding a few more blogs to the roll

This blog is still under construction and I have very little computer time to do things in so for a while I will be doing a few things almost every post. Today four more blogs, that were on the rolls at the old blog, are being added to the blog roll here. they are…

Dante’s Paradiso

Not So Submissive

MarQe ‘s Study

Ma’am Yes Ma’am


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  1. Yes, better to take the belt for a “test drive” before buying. This should also apply to wooden spoons, cutting boards, wooden dowels, slippers, extension cords, rug beaters, paddle ball rackets, spatulas, curtain rod wands and all other pervert-ables.

  2. I froze in horror! And I rest my case after seeing Tigerbutt’s comment. I am SO not going shopping anywhere anymore – online shopping will now apply. (GRIN)



  3. That was so cool! I would love to test new belts that way at the next craft show. We would attract quite a crowd, and I’m sure it would be good for business.

    If only…


    P.S. I love your blue title bars.

    • Perhaps there should be a “Spanko Alley” line of stalls at every craft fair Hermione, with a try before you buy ethos. I think that I might run the canoe paddle stand 🙂



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