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A Spanking Machine That Is New To Me – And More Blog Links Transferred To The Blog Roll

Spanking Machine Drawing


This is not the most huge picture in the world but it is of a spanking machine and I have not come across this picture before



Blog under construction


Here are some more blogs from my old blog roll list for the blog roll here.

Spanked, Not Silenced

Spanking Bethie

Spanking Blog

Spanking Pixie


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  1. One word only comes to mind: OUCH.



  2. But that would have to be a tiny little motor to fit into such a space Tigerbutt. There would not be much wallop to it.


    • But at 360rpm there wouldn’t need to be much of a wallop. Kind of like the bo-lo paddle spankings I used to get as a small child. No single hard hits but repeatedly on the same spot for a long time. Have someone try it on you for a while if you don’t believe me. 🙂

      • But with such a weedy little motor the BRF (Butt resistance Factor) could reduce the impact of those strikes to about the same power as a fly’s wing.


      • I’m not so sure it’s that small of a motor, anyway, the outer ring looks to be as big as an electric fan rotor coil and you can’t really see the size of the stator. What would worry me is that thing restraining the spankees neck!

  3. This appears to be an old “Endart” cartoon. Too bad his site is no longer up. Good cartoons M/F, F/F, F/M, and machines.


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