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A Nice Little Spanking Prop

A Traditional style school slate

I was walking past the kitchen scribble board section, of my local DIY store, when amongst all the dry wipes and magnet sticker boards, I spotted what appeared to be an old style school slate. On closer inspection I found that it was actually made of slate and was available at the very reasonable price of 2 Euros and 99 cents. So the purchase  was made and here it is.

It looked a little two bright and shiny to fit into a fantasy, old time, school scenario. The challenge was to make it look like it had had 20 years or so of use and abuse, in about half an hour. It was time to get the tools out.

Well I let you judge for yourselves if the result was worthwhile.

I could just imagine something like this hanging on the wall, by the entrance to the school room, so that all the pupils would be aware of the fate awaiting poor Fostrop at the end of the school day, as they filed back in from the playground.



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  1. That was a great find! I love how you aged it.



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