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Other People’s Kinks, Furries

I don’t suppose that it is that far removed from pony play but it had never occurred to me that people might get a kick out of dressing up as furry animals, until I read this article SexCult: The Bear Essentials. I am very understanding and approving of this, as long as it’s between adults but I am having a hard time not laughing at the whole thing (said the middle aged man, who likes to get his bottom smacked). Much of the pornography involved seems to revolve around animations but there are is some live stuff out there. I managed to get a few pictures and a clip from YouTube. Have a look for yourselves.


Bad pussy cat


The tail end of a fun encounter


An amateur couple


Finally, a furry in motion

Well there is only one thing left to say

Spank me tiger 🙂


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  1. Prefectdt? I am speechless…well, not totally, but close. And that really does not happen a lot. 😉

    • Having a little spin around the web, this lifestyle is massive. They have conventions that attract thousands and it’s not all about the kinky side. Some people are just weird and I’m glad that I am too 🙂


  2. I really like the first two photos. I’d never have thought of putting my raver fluffies to that use!

  3. The fetish aspect of Furry is really not that big in the furry community. It’s really about the art and the community its self. We don’t deny the fetish aspect exists, but it is not the main focus.

    That in mind, Furry News Network recently covered a webcomic featuring zombies, furries and spanking…

    • Thanks for the info Markos, it is always interesting to learn about others with alternative lifestyles, either fetish or non fetish. It is the best way to get different people in the world to understand each other.



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