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Daily Archives: May 15, 2011

A Goodbyeeee – A New Book – Blogs Tranferred – And Belguim’s Eurovision Attempt


Goodbyeeee Le Monde De La fessee

Le Monde De la Fessee was a French language spanking blog. It disappeared some days ago and I do not know if it was taken down by it’s owner or was deleted by Google Blogger. If anyone has any information on this please share it. Wherever it has gone, it was an interesting and entertaining blog and I wish it’s author all the best for the future.


Institutionalised 3 – A New Book


Toyn Tanen of the blog, Behind The Barred Window, has a new book available for download. It is called Institutuionalised 3, you can read more about it in this post A Little Fashion Fame – And There is a New Book Out There Some Might Find Interesting. It is available for download from Lulu through this link Institutionalised 3: A Continuum of Discipline or Schooled, spanked and caned in a straitjacket.


Some more blog links transferred from the old blog

The following blog links have been transferred from the old blog onto the second blog roll here.

Male SubmissionArt

Natty’s Spanking Blog


girls pyjama spanking

Gloria’s Oversexed Mind

Fetish Pop Culture


Eurovision 2011

A little tribute to the Belgian entry

Once again the Eurovision Song Contest has come and gone and I would like to offer my congratulations to this years winners. But I was a little disappointed that the Belgian entry did not take that spot. It was a brave attempt at stepping away from the mainstream drivel and had my full support. So before it fades into history, I thought that I would post it here. This is Witloof Bay singing With Love Baby, totally A cappella (without instrumental accompaniment).