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Bare Bottomed In A Bar In Amsterdam

Sometimes vanilla antics on YouTube impress me. It must take a pair off steel to get your bare bum whupped, with a carpet beater, in a vanilla bar, even if it is in Amsterdam. This clip has a Cluedoesque feel to it, to me at least, so I am going to give it a Cluedo style title 🙂


It was Miss Scarlett, in the bar with a carpet beater


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  1. I’m sure in Amsterdam that kind of thing is perfectly normal. Thanks for sharing.


  2. As you can see from the link to my name above, I’m testing the WordPress waters.

    • Neither myself nor anyone that I played with would go to Amsterdam to play, when I lived in The Netherlands Hermione. It was considered a good place to go for special shopping trips but just for the tourists and show offs on the kinky action front. I’m sure a lot of the tourists enjoy a trip there though 🙂

      I think that you may like WordPress Hermione but there are downsides to moving. I have found the worse two to be 1/ Many people do not update their blog roll links and I have lost a lot of visitors from this, and 2/ The blog roll that does not show when blogs last updated is annoying. Otherwise it is a nice and friendly place to blog from.


  3. Cute video, but wish it were brighter…We were in Amsterdam once, and loved the city. I think it would still be fun to visit again, and look froward to it.
    The annoying thing of wordpress to leave a comment is having to enter your name and email.

    • I still go to Amsterdam once every couple of years (it can be done in a day trip from where I live), it’s a great place to buy some of the specialist play items, that you do not see in many towns.

      The email is a pain but it does seem to deter a lot of the spammers that are a bane of Google Blogger users lives.



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