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No matter how many ways that a person tries to describe it. there always seems to be another way and the more the merrier I say. Of coarse we are talking about subspace, flying, that happy valley, whatever you care to call it. This weeks Thought is yet another one on the subject and sums it up rather well IMHO.


Heaven is not a place you go to when you die

It is the moment during the spanking when you actually feel most alive

(source – converted from a saying by someone unknown to me)


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  1. When I spank a naughty woman, I can truly say it a most heavenly feeling. Bending her over, raising her dress, pulling down her panties, to get to her bare bottom. Which when I see her naked derriere is beautifully encased in garter-belt and stockings. I’m in heaven. Then picking up a pliable cane, I let the first stroke swish painfully upon her bare bottom, which bring forth the “ooh’s and “aah’s that bring joy to my ears, I am in ecstasy. Heavenly ecstasy.

  2. So that’s Top heaven.


  3. I like that. I always assume that other people get into a real subspace that I can only imagine. Perhaps subspace – like beauty – is in the eye of the beholder, and we each have our own particular type of experience.


    • You’re right there Hermione, it is impossible to know what is happening in someone elses head. My version is a high, produced by my own body chemicals, a bit like being sort of drunk but 100 times better and a no vomiting involved 🙂



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