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Two Goodbyeeees – Burl Apsack? – Farewell Janus – Blogs Transfered – And Some Beer Mugs For Subs


Goodbyeeee On The Way Of Exploration and Sexy Art Of Raf Marinetti


On The Way Of Exploration is the blog of Kami Robertson, model and performer. Unfortunately it has not been updated for over six months and shows little sign of coming back to life and so it is time to take it off the rolls. Good luck to Ms Robertson both with her spanking work and life in general.


Sexy Art of Raf Marinette has disappeared. I’m not sure if it was removed by it’s author or is another victim of a Google blogger pogrom. Either way it cannot be seen any more. It was a very interesting blog featuring the artwork of it’s author and will be missed by many. Good luck Mr Marinette and I hope that things work out for you.


Burl Apsack has changed name


The blog that used to be known as Burl Apsack is now known as Elder_Lee. I’m not sure why but good luck to Burl/Lee with his future posts.


The Janus Shop has closed


Unfortunately an icon of the UK spanking world has closed down. Thanks to Abel and Haron for the news that was in this post Farewell to the Janus shop.


More blogs transferred from the old blog

Spanking Parties

Spanking Delights

Spanking My Husband


Spanking In Suzy’s World


Submissive beer mugs

Just tootling around the web when I came across these and thought that I would share


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  1. Prefectdt, thanks for letting us know Burl has changed names, will alter link.


  2. The Janus Shop – the day Niki Flynn was singing her book “Dances with Werewolves” at the store I was working in London. I planned to visit the store when I finished work. Work went badly and dragged on well into the late evening. By the time I got there it was closed. Closed for ever now.

  3. So sorry to hear the Janus shop has closed. While on a family vacation with another family around 13 years ago, I was in a restaurant for dinner just prior to attending a performance of “The Mouse Trap” at the nearby St. Martin’s Theatre. Toward the end of the meal, I gave my wife and kids their tickets, then whispered to her that I needed to stop at an “erotic bookstore” I’d always wanted to visit and that I’d rejoin the family well in advance of the performance. She was not pleased, but I then whispered: “I didn’t travel thousands of miles to get within two blocks of this place and NOT check it out.” I left, then walked a very short distance (needless to say, this entire evening’s meanderings were orchestrated primarily for this purpose)to 40 Old Compton Street, and entered the Janus Bookstore. It was a bit run down and a mild disappointment, but I perused their extensive inventory of publications, videos, and implements for around 10 minutes before accepting a complimentary copy of Aussie
    spankmag “Paddles” from the attendant, then headed for the theatre, getting there in plenty of time. Fortunately, the print edition of “Paddles” was foldable and fit neatly in my jacket pocket. Nobody in our party, besides my wife, was the wiser about this little detour, and I’m glad I had the chance to find myself within its confines during its long run, especially since I never made it to the legendary “Kinematics” in NYC during its itinerant reign.


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