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“Spec”tacular Spanking – The OTK Edition

For the first ever “Spectacular” Spanking post made on the WordPress version of this blog I thought that it would be nice to have a special theme. So for those of you, like me, who like to see bespectacled female spankers and spankees, it is time to find a good sturdy chair and take it OTK


An OTK at the Doctor’s

image courtesy of  The Spanking Spot


This glasses wearing spankee dreads the dreds

photo from Punished Brats Blog


And of coarse we cannot forget those “spec”tacular spankers



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  1. A beautiful spanking photo, called ‘OTK at the Doctor’s’ is pure joy to see. This erotic spanking photo of a mature woman, wearing suspender-belt and stockings, lying over a gentleman’s, knees, with her knickers down, getting a good spanking on on bare bottom, is sexually exciting. I hope the spanks that he gave her were painfully felt.


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