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Rihanna Gets Reported For Spanking Again

On stage this time



Rhianna was featured recently on this blog for her off stage spanking exploits, in this post Rihanna Talks About Spanking In Rolling Stone, this time I found a report of her on stage spanking adventures. Perhaps the article really hammed up overstated the spanking action in it’s description of her stage show but it did have this to say about her new on stage presentation.


She also thrilled fans when she strutted around the stage during a cover of Prince’s Darling Nikki, pretending to spank her dancers and she donned a tight-fitting white bondage costume and handcuffs for what appeared to be an orgy-inspired rendition of S&M with a group of nearly naked male dancers.

IF you want to you can read the entire article from this link Rihanna Wows Fans With Sexy Tour Debut.


That should make the ticket price worthwhile πŸ™‚


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  1. It seems she’s repeating what Madonna did in her show in 1990, including the “Hanky Panky” song. Didn’t she also do some bondage in later videos? There’s nothing new under the sun.


    • I think that she did but I never heard that Madonna was into anything spanko or BDSMy in her own life (perhaps she was but I never heard about it πŸ™‚ ) I can’t say that I mind this kind of thing coming round again.



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