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Look what I found 🙂



I don’t do forums and other things, I just tend to stick to blogs for my info, so if this is old news to everyone else, please except my apologies. But on a little web surf I did come across this site The Spanking Machine. As some of you might remember, I did try and fail to build a spanking machine myself, as can be seen in the series of posts that ended in this post SALI mk1 is Born – Part Twelve (And Last). I do intend to try again but it has proved difficult to find some of the materials, for some of the ideas that I have had. This website is great for inspiration though. It has illustrations and pictures of spanking machines both real and fictional as well as some good ideas on how to build a machine. If for nothing else but curiosity it is worth visiting.


The link is The Spanking Machine again


And just to round off this post

here is a little clip that I found on YouTube illustrating how a vintage spanking machine works.


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  1. The Chimera spanking machine is interesting. I did a shoot with them a few years back, and was ridiculously over excited by the whole concept. It was the only reason I bothered shooting with them, since the self-bondage thing really isn’t my bag. But in practice, the Mark I version was disappointingly light.

    I understand there’s a Mark II version now with adjustable strength, and that blueprints/instructions for making it are in the Chimera Bondage members area. I’d really like to try it, but I’m not sure I want to enough to go through the whole slightly weird self-bondage thing again!

    • I remember reading about that at the time. I think that the machine that you encountered in your shoots with Spankingserver was far more effective. I believe that machine is based on a clay pigeon launcher.

      I don’t understand the self bondage thing either. Each to their own I suppose.


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