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I am a bloke and I have to admit, that like most blokes, I sometimes have a tendency to brag (what a great excuse to spank me) and over the years I have noticed that some men retelling tales of being on the receiving end often fall into the trap of turning them into fisherman’s tales. As in each time the story is told, the spanking went on a little longer and was a little harder than last time the story was told. This, for a bloke is only normal and should be taken into account by any listener, when the retelling happens. And this leads us on to this weeks Thought.


I once got continually spanked for an hour and fifteen minutes, without a break

It was the night that the clocks were put forward for Summer

(source – Converted from a saying by Garry Shandling)


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  1. Imagine the story you could tell if you were spanked on a plane flying from the East coast of Canada to Britain. The time goes 5 hours forward and the flight takes 7 1/2 hours so….

    My head hurts!


  2. EEK! Isn’t 7 and a half hours enough without adding another five. But seeing as one person is over the others lap, do two people get to fly for the price of one seat? 🙂



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