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The Last Saturday Roundup – A Goodbyeeee – Poppy’s Blog Back – Blog Under Construction – And The Riot Dog


The last Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup

This is the last ever Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup on this blog and tomorrow will be the last Sunday Swishing as well. It just fits into my life better that these two posts exchange days. So from next week this blog will sport The Saturday Swishing and The Sunday Blog Stuff Roundup. I hope that this exchange does not cause too much inconvenience.


Goodbyeeee Spanking My Husband

Spanking My Husband is the blog of Dierdre, the top half of an F/m relationship. The blog is still there and perhaps it will come back to life in the future but at the moment it has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to bid this blog a fond fare well from the rolls. Good luck Dierdre and Evan, I hope that life leads you down happy paths.


Poppy’s Submissions is back

Poppy’s Submissions, the blog of Poppy St Vincent has started posting again so it is being returned to the blog rolls, On the second roll for now.


Blog under construction

A new Page for the blog

If you go to the top of the blog you will see a title under the header that reads “NON SPANKING AND BDSM BLOGS”, if you click on this you will get a list of blogs of that description, that where listed at the old blog.

Transferred blogs, from the old blog

Yeowch 2 Spanking Blog.

Yes Mistress!

The official spanking blog of Sound Punishment

Zille Defeu’s Fetish Fantasies

Warren’s Place

And that completes the transfer of spanking blogs from the old blog (finally). If I have missed any blogs please inform me in the comment box.


The riot dog

Recent events in Greece have produced riots and according to this BBC item Greece’s frontline riot dog, one of the rioters, a dog called Loukanikos or Sausage, has gained some fame. This clip is of Loukanikos in action.


6 responses

  1. What a good dog!


  2. Never ever do that again, Prefectdt! I was already scared when I saw the headline “The last Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup” and nearly got a heart attack when I read the first sentence: “This is the last ever Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup on this blog and tomorrow will be the last Sunday Swishing as well.“ I thought you might quit blogging!!! I’m very glad I was wrong, but please don’t ever scare me like that again. Oh, and you really should be spanked for that… 😉

    • OOPS! Sorry Kaelah, I agree about the spanking. If it helps in the future, I have often thought about what the last post on this blog would be called, if I had the chance to make one, and it would most probably be “Spankedhortic, The Last Goodbyeeee”


  3. There are no plans for that at the present time Kaelah.


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