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Daily Archives: June 22, 2011

The Midnight Feast, What Would You Risk It For?

I’ve tried my hand at starting Memes before, without much success. So I’m going to just post this and if anyone feels like having a go at it on their own blog, I would be delighted to see what you choose. Or if you have not got a blog, just put your choices in the comments.

A midnight feast

Not having attended a boarding school I often fantasized about the things that I saw on TV and read about, that went on at these establishments, especially the idea of a midnight feast.

Plotting the feast

Either sneaking down to the school pantry or smuggling in forbidden treats, from outside of the school would have to be a well planned operation, as both would  be highly forbidden and of course, when the inevitable happened and the deviants are caught, there would be……

The consequences


So the question is

What tasty childhood treats would be so yummy that they made the risk worth it?

My top five choices would be

1/ Angel delight – I would have risked all for this as a kid, especially strawberry flavoured

2/ Marmite – An acquired taste but once your into it, totally addictive

3/ Fizzy lemonade with a large dollop of ice cream floating in it – Best drink ever

4/ Black forest gateaux – My favourite childhood cake

5/ Raspberry ruffles – best sweets (candy) ever


What 5 tastes from your formative years would you choose?