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Daily Archives: June 26, 2011

Sad News – A Goodbyeeee – A Mainstream Film – And It’s Not A Battle


Welcome one and all to the very first Sunday Blog Stuff Roundup, with it’s shiny new header complete with the Sunday shift cowpoke.


Some sad news

One of the main trio who came up with the spanking site Punished Brats has sadly passed away. The brother of David Pierson, Rick, who was the main videographer, director and photographer for the organization, Died of cancer this week. The news is from those who knew him and you can see it through these two links, Founding Member Of Punishedbrats Dies and Very Sad Day. For those of you who would like to honour the memory of this talented man, donations are welcome for the Stand Up To Cancer organization, which funds research between cooperating rather than competing scientists and doctors.


Goodbyeeee Funny Daily Jokes

Funny Daily Jokes was one of the blogs on the Non Spanking and BDSM blogs list and gave a daily injection of humour for one and all to enjoy. Sadly posting stopped on this blog a little over six months ago and so it is time to wish it a fond fare well from the links. Thanks for the laughs and good luck for the future.


Spanking in a new mainstream film

I was going to link to blogs that had posted about the new film Dangerous method but so many did so that it would have been a silly and long list. instead here is a link to the trailer that hints at the spanking action in the film, Dangerous Method Trailer.


It is not about battling cancer

This is a philosophy that I have not heard before and am not going to pretend that I fully understand, so I will let the message come from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Eric Blair Brown ( Rick) from Punished Brats on The Topic Of Cancer Philosophy

Donations to Stand Up To Cancer are welcome at this time

Note – I did  intend to embed the video clip here but then thought that the “Came from” stats for the clip showing this blog might be a bad thing to see for the vanilla friends and family of the departed. Instead here is a video from the Stand Up To Cancer organization.