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Monthly Archives: July 2011

A New Blog For The Rolls – One For The Resources Page – A Big Number – And Some Men Need This

A new blog for the rolls

Strictly Spanking Network – I was undecided if this should go on the blog rolls or on the resources page but since it is in a very bloggy format, it is going on the second roll. This is a place with loads of stuff, vids, pictures and podcasts. I listened to the last podcast and it was a round table discussion on disciplinary spanking and was well worth a listen. Thanks to Richard Windsor for informing about this in this post The New Strictly Spanking Network.


Some vids for the Spanking and Kinky Resource Sites page

Teen Spanking Tube – This is a site offering short, free, spanking clips, mostly from commercial producers promoting their work. It is being added to the resource sites page (Link below the blog title banner).


Congratulations Bonnie

Normally I do not report blog celebrations in the weekly Roundup but this one is a bit special. This week in this post Eleven, Bonnie, of My Bottom Smarts, reported her 11 millionth visitor. Well done Bonnie and I hope you get many more hits.


Some men need this

I challenge any heterosexual or bisexual woman reading this to say that she has never met a man who would have benefited from this type of training 🙂


The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.


This weeks Swishing comes from CONSENSUAL SPANKING. How could I resist posting this image 🙂


Thought For The Week

God(s), does he/she/it/them (delete depending on your belief) exist. there is only one way of truly finding out and I for one am not ready for that yet and I hope that you aren’t either but if there is a God(s) then I hope that he/she/it/them would agree with this weeks Thought.


If God had intended us not to spank

He would have made our arms shorter

(Source –  Converted from a saying by George Carlin)



Four years of spank blogging

Another year has flown by and this blog has made it to it’s fourth blogiversary. There have been some trials and tribulations along the way, the most notable one for this year being the move to WordPress. But more importantly there is the sense of being part of a world spanking community and all the good stuff that goes with that, which makes blogging worthwhile. Thank you dear readers for your support, I and Dr Malford (my fictitious Headmistress) hope that you continue to enjoy the spank orientated melange, that is the blog Spankedhortic.

Four thrashed bottoms to celebrate

(couldn’t think of a better way)

image courtesy of RGE Films


Bog Calendar – August Page

The August Page

August is nearly here and so it is time for the next page of the blog calendar. This month it has an amusing cartoon theme from an image found at Spanking Blog.


As always the calendar is formatted to be printed on an A4 piece of paper, so why not print one off and take it along to one of those cuddly toy making shops and see if they can make something like this.


If you want to donate or suggest an image for the blog calendar please contact me at . As you can see the source of the image is credited on the calendar and linked to in the post.


Comic-con whipping

I’ve never been to a Comic-con (shame on my geeky self) but if I ever do I know to look out for the Comic-con police now 🙂

Assume the position buster

For those of you who would like to know, the guy on the receiving end is Harada-san, the creator of the Tekken series of computer fighting games.