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Halt The New Death Star – PB rumours Untrue – News About New Book – And It’s A Dog’s Life


News Of The World closes but a greater evil lurks

(A Manning The Barricades item)

After the EVENTS OF 2008 The NoW proved itself to be no friend of spankos and kinksters in general and we will all be glad that today is the last time that this sick and lying rag will be on the news stands, due to the disclosure of illegal phone hacking and other unethical practices. You can read more about that here News of the World to close on Sunday – But News Corporation headed by Rupert Murdoch (AKA The Evil Emperor), who own NoW are making a bid for 100% control of British Sky Broadcasting a larger and more influential media organization than the NoW was. Many oppose this and I can only urge people to consider taking a few seconds out of their day to visit the website below and add to the petition numbers.

38 Degrees | BSkyB takeover bid | Let’s stop Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp

(This is a Manning The Barricades item)


Punished Brats rumours untrue

Apparently some rumours have been circulating about the potential demise of the Punished Brats website. These rumours are apparently untrue and you can read about what is really going on from David Pierson himself in this post Facts VS Rumor: The Real Story of Punishedbrats last Eighteen Months.


Erica Scott’s new book is coming

Erica Scott’s book (as reported in THIS POST) is a little delayed but will be available soon. You can read more details in this post In case you were wondering….


Just for a laugh, some LOL dogs


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  1. Thanks for the LOL dogs. I haven’t seen any for a while, but those were good ones.


  2. The collection of LOL cats and dogs on the hard drive is getting a bit large. I think that it may be becoming some kind of addiction.



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