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Happy Bastille Day

The national days are coming thick and fast this month and today it is the turn of the French with Bastille Day.

Most countries start gaining their independence by apposing an occupying power or corrupt regime but the French decided to do it with a mass prison break out (even if the prison only had 7 prisoners at the time). It seems that the French always strive to be different. In the spanking world the French influence is most prominent in the field of illustrations, so lets celebrate the day with some French illustrations antique and modern.

Happy Bastille day

images used in this post were sourced from jp color gallery, Fetish Pop Culture and Spanking Art Wiki.


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  1. I would have loved to have a spanking drawing, that shows a man giving his naughty lady a good spanking on her bare bottom.. As they say in France ‘Viv la difference’,

  2. The most beautiful word in the french language, ‘derriere’, spelled with an F. for femme’

  3. I have always been keen on the word “Pastis” myself 🙂


  4. Love the drawings Pref, thanks.



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