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A Goodbyeeee – A New Blog For The Rolls – Some Interesting Posts From South Africa – And A Lazy Dog


Goodbyeeee Dante’s Paradiso

Dante, who ran this blog, has been having some serious health issues lately and has not been able to keep up regular posting and now the blog has gone to invited reader access only. And so it is time to bid fare well to this well written and amusing blog from the rolls. Thanks to Dante for all the laughs and helpful information and I hope things get better for you in the future.


A new blog for the rolls

Cranky Spanker is a nice mixed blog of text and images, leaning towards an entertainment blog. It will be added to the second blog roll.


Some interesting posts

My attention has been grabbed lately by some interesting posts on the blog Raven Red, about the disciplinary structure in (thankfully) past times in South African boarding schools. The last one is this School Canings – Institutionalised Discipline and Corporal Punishment Part 2 and the first can be read through this link South African School Canings – Institutionalised Discipline and Corporal Punishment Part 1. I must say that I am against the corporal punishment of children but the fact that it happened in the past cannot be ignored and these posts are fascinating and well worth a read.


Is this the world’s laziest dog?

Most dogs are always up for a good walk but there are a few that are just downright lazy and this can make walking the dog a real drag.


6 responses »

  1. The dog was waiting for the right pair of legs to go by.

    Thanks for the laugh!


  2. Loved it, thanks Prefectdt.


  3. He just had an itchy back!


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