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Toys, you can never have enough of them, canes, crops, paddles, floggers and pervertables, no matter how many you have you always want more. As have many spankees before me I have often purchased something that was pleasing to the eye in the shop but had me biting my lip in dread when it came to be used for the first time. The only more nerve racking anticipation is caused by the toy that caught a spankers eye and came home in their shopping bag, as you have no idea what was going through their mind when they saw it in the shop. And that brings us to our toy related Thought For The Week that rounds off this weeks toy related postings.


Taking a spanker to the toy store

Is the nearest thing to a death wish that a spankee can have

(Source – converted from a saying by Fred G. Gosman)


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  1. My favorite spanking implements to spank a naughty women, are the cane, and birchrod. They feel so good in my hand. And when I apply them to a naughty lady’s bare bottom, I’m in heaven.

  2. The best ones are those that seemed so innocuous, like the cellulite brush I bought from a Superdrug store here in the UK, it is mean and nasty… (it’s basically a bath brush) and only cost Ā£4.99! I have used it on film a few times and the girls HATE it šŸ™‚



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