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A New Blog For The Rolls – One For The Resources Page – A Big Number – And Some Men Need This

A new blog for the rolls

Strictly Spanking Network – I was undecided if this should go on the blog rolls or on the resources page but since it is in a very bloggy format, it is going on the second roll. This is a place with loads of stuff, vids, pictures and podcasts. I listened to the last podcast and it was a round table discussion on disciplinary spanking and was well worth a listen. Thanks to Richard Windsor for informing about this in this post The New Strictly Spanking Network.


Some vids for the Spanking and Kinky Resource Sites page

Teen Spanking Tube – This is a site offering short, free, spanking clips, mostly from commercial producers promoting their work. It is being added to the resource sites page (Link below the blog title banner).


Congratulations Bonnie

Normally I do not report blog celebrations in the weekly Roundup but this one is a bit special. This week in this post Eleven, Bonnie, of My Bottom Smarts, reported her 11 millionth visitor. Well done Bonnie and I hope you get many more hits.


Some men need this

I challenge any heterosexual or bisexual woman reading this to say that she has never met a man who would have benefited from this type of training 🙂


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  1. Thank you, Prefectdt! It’s been a fun ride.


  2. Yes, bravo Bonnie, on lasting all these years and sustaining all those hits!



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