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Daily Archives: August 2, 2011

Cricket Scandal And Spanking

I would like to kick off this post by congratulating England for their second victory in the current test series against India.

Cricket enhancement scandal

There have been some photos circulating around the Interweb concerning the attractive back sides of the Panamanian women’s cricket team, such as the one below.

but according to this post Panama Women’s Cricket Team Photos Causing Internet Sensation, these images have proved to have been photoshoped (shame) as can be seen from the original image below.

Drug and betting scandals are bad enough in sport, we don’t need this kind of thing, it’s just not cricket.

Cricket spanking

A cricket bat is a big solid lump of Willow timber and I would think twice about agreeing to be spanked with one but the next image could make it tempting.

And finally it seems that the Indian cricket team has found a way of working out their frustration over their recent losses to England.

Hows that, Prefectdt