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Daily Archives: August 7, 2011

Blog Merit Certificate – Brunch Moved – Consensual Spanking Day – An Interesting Project – And Mobile Phone Fun

Blog merit certificate for Old Fashioned Girl SPANKING

Dr Malford (my non existent Head Mistress) sent down a memo, from her study, to say that there was room for more blogs in the top blog roll and having analyzed my blog reading habits, has decided that Old Fashioned Girl SPANKING should be given a blog merit certificate and moved to the top blog roll.


Sunday Brunch at Hermione’s Heart this week

The Sunday Brunch, normally hosted at My Bottom Smarts, has moved to Hermione’s Heart this week as Bonnie takes a well earned rest.


8th of August is Consensual Spanking Day

Thanks to American Spanking Society for informing us of this in this post 8-8 is Consensual Spanking Day. Monday is Consensual Spanking day for spanko adults worldwide and I hope that all my fellow spankos have a wonderful day and that many tail ends get an extra special reddening.

An interesting literary project

Amber “Pixie” Wells  has launched an interesting project in a post on her blog, Interactive Story. The general idea is that a story is being written, where Ms Wells and others end up with reddened rear ends, by her readers. Each commenter is invited to add a paragraph to the story, following on from the previous commenter. After a bumpy start, it seems to be shaping up nicely and it is fun to put your own spoonful in the mix and see where it all goes.

Be careful when answering your phone

Has this ever happened to anyone in real life?