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Burning Man Spankings

Paranoid medical people won’t allow me to fly in airplanes anymore so going to the Burning Man festival will have to remain a fantasy for me. Which is a shame, as there seems to be a strong spanko element present at these events. The next Burning Man starts at the end of this month, so just to set the tone here is a clip and some pictures of Burning Man spankings.

Rage against the machine

And some stills

I wonder what spanking fun will be happening at this years Burning Man?


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  1. Burning Man sounds intriguing. Thanks for the links. I hadn’t heard of it.


    • I surprises me that you have not heard of this Hermione. I’ve seen it mentioned on a few spanking blogs over the years. Although it is not a spanking gathering, there always seems to be a large spanko element present.


  2. I’d never heard of it either – The ten principles have a nice ethos, no mention of spanking there though 🙂

    • That’s what is so interesting about Burning Man, it is not a spanking event but spankos are accepted as part of the mix. That’s the way it looks to me anyway, it would be nice to hear from a spanko that has actually been to a Burning Man.


  3. I hadn’t heard of it either Prefectdt.



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