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The Saturday Swishing

The Saturday Swishing is my pick of the week from images posted on the blogs in the rolls of this blog.


This weeks Swishing comes from the blog Spanking Pics and Videos Blog. This image is not the best composed or executed spanking photograph that is around but it stuck in my mind because of the unusual pose of the spankee involved.


Supergirl’s last flight did not end how she had imagined


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  1. Oh i like it, lucky girl. Hard to keep legs out straight for long though. Also makes it harder to wiggle ass in the air.
    (Not that I do that).

    • holding a position like that would also mean clenching the buttock muscles, making a spanking far more ouchy. I doubt if she could have held that position for any length of time.


  2. For the record, this is from a decades-old Nu-West VHS tape entitled “Kim’s Four Spankings,”
    starring Brenda Marshall and Kim, a popular Nu-West model of the era. Quite an impressive
    series of butt blisterings from the genre’s inventor. Thanks for the feature, SH!


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