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Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

BDSMTag Clip – Two Books – And The Edinburgh Riots

BDSMTag Interview

Pandora Blake  posted this week of her visit to a  German BDSM lobbyist group’s (the BVSM) conference in this post BDSMtag. At the conference she had an interview style presentation with the cooperation of LUDWIG. The interview was recorded and you can see it here. To enlarge click “Watch on YouTube” or press your Ctrl button and use your mouse scroll wheel to enlarge this blog.

(Note – The clip starts in German but English is spoken after the brief introduction)

If you can read German, more info is available at BDSM- und Fetisch-Tag.

The Spanking collection launch announced

The Spanking Writers (Abel and Haron)  have announced, in this post “The Spanking Collection” is coming soon, that the book “The Spanking Collection” will be launched on the 31st of August. It is a collection of short stories, from multiple authors and all proceeds from this book will be donated to charities, especially Cancer Research.

Erica Scott’s book is out

After several delays Erica Scott’s autobiographical book, Late Bloomer, is at last available to the public, as announced in this post This is IT, kids. It is available from Late Bloomer or Late Bloomer.

The Edinburgh riot

Unlike the English Police, who blamed social networking for the spreading of the recent riots and therefore are trying to use them as an excuse to control and censor social networking sites, The Scottish Police monitored social network sites and used information gathered to stop riots breaking out in the first place. Well done Scottish Police and major FAIL English Police. So Scotland did not see the same scale of violence and looting that was seen in England. However, as the following clip proves, Scotland did not totally escape the rioting.

Anarchy on the streets of Scotland!