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Daily Archives: August 22, 2011

What Car Should Mistress Drive?

What is the ideal car for a leather clad ruler of all she surveys?

At a recent classic car show I think that I found the ideal car for leather clad Mistresses.

That’s right. It is a car with body work made almost entirely of leather.

It is a Velorex and is a product from the old, communist Czechoslovakia. Due to a shortage of metal, after World War 2, these cars where produced to satisfy the need for automotive transport, using the minimum of metal parts. They were available with cloth or leather body work and were loosely based on the design of the old Morgan three wheelers. A Mistress driving one of these would have plenty of opportunity to show off her leather outfit to people she passed, as it has a top speed of 30 k/ph (that’s about 20 miles per hour, for those of you still thinking in rods and hogsheads).

Just enough room for Mistress and a Gimp 🙂