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Stuff, things, accoutrements, as much as I would like to say that I can be non materialistic, I do like having them. But it is possible to over indulge in objects of fancy, sometimes to a point where they lose all meaning and bring no joy at all. On the other hand TTWD almost always brings great joy and I for one find it very difficult to have too much of that. And so to this weeks thought.


I’d rather have swats on my bottom

Than diamonds on my neck

(Source – Converted from a saying by Emma Goldman)


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  1. And so would I.

    Have a lovely weekend Pref.


  2. Spanking over diamonds any day! I like “comfort” stuff but the rest isn’t that important. A spanking is my favorite “comfort” activity even though there is little comfort by the end!

  3. The same goes for me. Spankings are a girl’s best friend (converted from a saying by Madonna.)


  4. Your quotation Spankedhortic, “I’d rather have swats on my bottom, than diamonds on my neck”, could be the spankiing community’s ‘GOLDEN RULE’, Certainly a GEM of a thought, worthy of the CROWN JEWELS.

  5. Thanks for that link. I enjoyed the clip.


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