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Moving A Blog – As Seen On Spankedhortic II – Who’s Bottom – Hurricane Irene – And Aurora

Moving a blog

Caroline Grey – Getting It  blog has not been posted on for over six months but this blog has gone for long periods between postings before. So instead of giving it a Goodbyeeee, it is being moved to the Dormant Blogs page.


I like to post clips on this blog, most of them from YouTube. YouTube has a new feature where it adds The legend “As seen on” under the clip, if the clip has received enough hits from one particular source and there is a YouTube page for other clips hit from this source. Enough hits have come from this blog to warrant a YouTube page for this blog, as can be seen through this link Videos mentioned by SPANKEDHORTIC II – YouTube. The image above is going to be added to the side bar, between the first two blog rolls and if clicked on it will take you to this YouTube page.

A nice weekly guessing game

The Strictly Spanking Network resource has a weekly Contest called “Who Dat Bottom“. There are no prizes but it is a nice bit of fun and it seems a shame that so few people have had a go at it so far. So if you like a bit of a bottom spotting challenge, it might be worth your while popping over and having a go.

Hurricane Irene

I have seen a drop in the number of visitors to this blog, in the last couple of days, as I suspect have other owners of kinky blogs. Using the “Recent visitors map on StatCounter, it was possible to see that the east coast of the USA, normally a busy area for readers of this blog, was notably lacking in hit markers. I have never been happier to lose readers, as I am taking this to mean that the type of people who visit here are the type of people who get their priorities right and are looking out for their safety and the safety of their loved ones, as Hurricane Irene approached. I hope that all who found themselves in the path of this event are safe and that those around them are also free from harm.


As most readers of this blog know, I like to round of the weekly Roundup with something non spanking. This week it is something special that I have seen on YouTube. It is a Steampunk based adventure story that was made on a budget of less than $2000. For that kind of money you might expect it to be a bit ropy but nothing of the sort. This is an entertaining, quality production that is well worth seeing. If this is the future of Amateur Dramatics, then play on.


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