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Daily Archives: September 11, 2011

A Blog For The Rolls – New Site Prelaunch – .XXX Registration – And A Cup Of Brown

A new blog for the rolls

Nik Zula spanking art – This blog has jumped the queue of blogs that I have waiting to be put on the blog rolls here but it is such a nice presentation of amusing cartoons that I just had to list it now. It will be put on the second roll.

Pandora Blake dreams of spanking

You can read about this from the lady herself in this post Female gaze, spankee gaze or go directly to the pre launch web address through this link There is an option to sign up for an email list that will give information about the upcoming launch of this site. As the world’s first, openly, fair trade spanking site, this is something that interests me greatly and am looking forward to it’s launch with anticipation.

.XXX registration now available

I’m not sure how this is going to effect the spanking world and most of the feedback that I have seen from spanking site producers has been negative but the launch of the .xxx domain for adult websites is going to happen despite what people think of it. You can read more about it in this BBC article .XXX web domain registration begins.

A cup of brown

As an Englishman abroad, I do try to fit in with the customs and traditions of my adopted home, here in Flanders but there is one thing that will always separate me from the locals and that is the love of English style Tea. Here is a tribute to that lovely brown liquid that was posted on YouTube.