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Bettie Page Art – And Trying A Clip

A sort of double posting today. Some images and I having had problems embedding clips from Spanking Tube, I am trying one out from another spanking clip site, to see if it works.

Kinky Bettie Page inspired art

Spanking Tube Your source for free Spanking and Bondage Videos Spanking Tube

Last image from deviantART

Kami Robertson strapped

This is a trial run to see if clips from Teen Spanking Tube will embed on WordPress. My apologies if this does not play.

<embed src=’; height=’362′ width=’600′ allowscriptaccess=’always’ allowfullscreen=’true’ flashvars=”&author=Triple%20A%20Spanking%20Clips%20Store&description=Kami%20is%20strapped%20and%20given%20a%20bath%20brush%20for%20cheating&”/>

Post update – Shame the clip did not work like it did in the preview. If anyone knows how to get non YouTube clips to post properly on WordPress, please do tell.


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