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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Gets Spanked

Most of us remember the iconic TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have not worked out the reason why this is happening but here is a page from a comic where Buffy is getting spanked by Faith.

Buffy takes her licks

As I say the story seems a little vague, perhaps I need to find the rest of this comic series but if you want to see the whole set from this comic just click on this link SLAYER’S REVENGE.


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  1. Good drawings! I like the shooting red beams in the last frame. Ouch!

  2. Oh wow! Hot fantasy, I always preferred violent Faith/Buffy to most other BtVS fanfic pairings. The last panel is just amazing 🙂

  3. Slayer strength walloping! No wonder Buffy’s so red!

  4. The artist is from a collective who go by the name PalComix, and who take commissions 🙂 I have this 8-page short and a couple of other Slayer ones, plus a whole lot of other PalComix sets, that were uploaded at various points to a community site; I will at some point get back to subscribing to the PalComix site, as there’s a truly huge amount of material there.

  5. Aaaand I’ve just noticed the link which suggests you already knew all that. So I’ll shut up again :/

    • I did know about them, although I have not visited the site often. I did not want to link directly to PalComix because they have a lot of diverse stuff and some people might not like some of it. Basically I do not want to get involved in a big argument over ink on paper.

      Please don’t shut up though, all opinions and information are welcome here.


  6. Nice drawings, Prefectdt! BtVS is always good for some spanking action. I must admit that I especially enjoyed the episodes in which Buffy lived out her dominant and sadistic streak with Spike on the receiving end. From my point of view that was really, really hot! I definitely must write a post about these two characters and their erotic encounters one day.

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