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Daily Archives: September 18, 2011

Taking A Break – Tiggs Is Back – Cause For Paws – And Jedi Kittens


This puppy is shattered. My last blog hiatus was rudely interrupted by Google Blogger messing around and I have not had chance to take a proper break from work for some time. S0 I am taking a week away from work and a three week hiatus from blogging. I am not going away and so should still be commenting here and on other blogs but apart from The Saturday Swishing, a post for the Blog Calendar and something really important coming up, all posts on this blog will be simple (mostly single picture) posts, in scheduled posting, until the hiatus is done. The Hiatus timetable will consist of  The Monday Mugshot (a face of pain photo), Toy Tuesday, Wednesday Vanilla Funny, Thursdays Thrashing, Thought For The Week, The Saturday Swishing and Sunday Cinema.

Normal posting should resume on the 10th of October

Tiggs is Back

The blog A Spanking Good Time has started posting again and so it will be taken off the Dormant Blogs page and added to the second blog roll.

Cause For Paws is different this year

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells  has blogged about Cause For Paws being a bit different this year due to health issues, in this post What About Cause for Paws?. Direct donations are still welcome, via snail mail, to the following address.

Amber Wells
P.O. Box 204
Oxford, NJ 07863

Please make money orders and checks out to the charity CSA

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

I am a big Sci-Fi/Star Wars geek and have always found kittens cute, so this jumped out as an ideal mixture.